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Your Wellness, Our Commitment: A Journey in Care

Your Wellness, Our Commitment: A Journey in Care

Pharmagate lifesciences exports division is formed in 2020 by Mr. Nitesh Pandey, an Founder & Managing Director with 15 years of expertise in pharma machinery and sales. He worked with Indian MNC companies in early stage of his carrier. With a concentration on core pharmaceuticals and a patient-centered entrepreneurial vision, he is able to establish Pharmagate lifesciences to cater core pharmaceutical requirements. Thanks to his constant dedication to quality, research-innovation, and a zero defect strategy, Pharmagate lifesciences is well-known for its commitment, timely deliveries and a quality conscious supplier.

After operating for a decade in the Indian market, and export market in the Pharmaceutical machinery segments now extending its reach into core Pharmaceuticals like API business, formulations, packaging business to meet the customer demand.

Pharmagate lifescience is aiming to create innovative, affordable, and zero-defect products to improve the quality of life in this digital era.

We understand that accessibility and affordability are key factors in healthcare. Therefore, we work diligently to make our products and services accessible to individuals across different geographies and economic backgrounds. Through strategic partnerships and efficient distribution networks, we strive to bridge the gap and ensure that quality healthcare reaches those who need it most.

Choose Pharmagate Lifesciences as your trusted partner in healthcare, and together, let us shape a healthier future for all.

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